you need a keurig

When I'm having trouble sleeping, I watch QVC because I find it soothing. I typically don't buy anything, but it makes good background noise. They finally sold me on this Keurig brewer and it's great!

You need one of these if:
- You brew a pot of coffee every morning but don't finish it
- You are too lazy to wait for a tea kettle to heat up to make tea

A cup of coffee or tea brews in under a minute and actually tastes really good. They come in portioned k-cups that you pop in the top of the machine. Because they are in their own containers, you don't have to clean the machine to brew a different drink.

The package from QVC came with 48 k-cups (mostly coffee) to start with and I stocked up on jumbo packs of my favorite teas from Amazon. It also came with a reusable k-cup to brew your own coffee which is much cheaper to do and creates a lot less waste. We're excited to brew some Dunks with it.

I'm really happy with it because I'm drinking a lot more tea and a lot less Diet Coke.

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