Nate's brother bought an X-Box with a Kinect and we had a good time testing it out today. The video chat worked really well and has a feature where the camera will follow you if you move. We also tried out online play with the Adventures game. The competitive events worked really well. The cooperative ones- not so much. It's hard to steer a river raft with someone in another state, even though the device does have a microphone so you can chat in the game. The Kinect snaps photos of you while you're playing and you can trade them with your opponent afterwards so there's an added level of interaction. I had a really good time and can't wait for more games with the online play option.


Helen said...

I told Doug one of you should steer while the other does the jumping.
I'm totally playing next time- when I'm not totally exhausted and falling asleep at 7pm!

Leighann said...

That sounds much smarter than our strategy which I think was steer as if you're alone so the raft moves twice as much.

Helen said...

I personally loved the seconday strategy to jump *out* of the boat. :)