something to sleep on

My parents haven't seen it yet but they bought me a new bedding set for my birthday. We got a really nice fluffy insert for the duvet cover and I slept so well last night. Before this we had several queen-sized blankets layered on our king-sized bed. When we moved into the house we splurged on a Tempurpedic mattress which has been one of the best purchases of all time. We also splurged on really high quality sheets and now we've got this nice bedding. The problem is the bed just sits on its box spring on the ground. Cats are destructive so we don't want to do any bed that has space under it. I've seen a couple of storage beds that are basically a platform bed with drawers underneath. I'm debating whether we should spend the money on it and get it over with or continue feeling like we're sleeping on the floor.

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