navigating costco

We're becoming pros at navigating Costco on a Saturday. When we arrive, we already know exactly what we need. I'm not sure why they make us walk through the electronics to get to the rest of the store other than they are cruel people. I almost got distracted by a laptop and Nate got me moving. Laser focus!
We were rewarded for our effort. Somehow we managed to arrive at the sample stands just as they were putting out the fresh food. Some notable samples were Bagel Bites (which I hadn't had since childhood) and Falafel (which I was able to sub for meatballs in a recipe last night). We pretend sample calories don't count.
Costco Gas has been a win as well. $3.76/gal unleaded is definitely the cheapest I've seen in Seattle so I was pumped! (Ho ho ho pumped. I'm sorry.)
When we remodel the kitchen, the big fridge is definitely going to need to go on the list because we are in need of more space for our Costco bounty.

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