smart phones part 2

Since my last post, it was brought to my attention that I sounded cranky. Maybe that's true. It's frustrating when you're expectations aren't met- especially when they seem reasonable.

Exhibit A:
From PC World
Smartphone Etiquette: Mind Your Manners for the Holidays

"Rule 4: Holiday parties are a time for socializing, not social networking. Seven out of 10 respondents think it's unacceptable to check emails, send text messages and make phone calls while in the company of others, let alone while on a date. And more than half said they would be offended if they were at a holiday party and someone secretly tried to tap the Internet at the table. I'm assuming they would include tweeting and playing Texas Hold 'Em on the iPhone as inconsiderate, too."

Exhibit B:
The Emily Post Institute is generally considered an authority on manners. Welcome to the new world of tablets and smartphones

"How are my actions affecting others and how am I perceived? Both are important aspects of good etiquette. If you are perceived as being disrespectful it can be as damaging to a relationship as actually disrespecting someone. Be clear with the people around you about how you are using your new device so they don't assume the worst."
Exhibit C:
Debrett's is another authority on manners.
Mobile Phone Etiquette
"Don't carry on mobile phone calls while transacting other business - in banks, shops, on buses and so on. It is insulting not to give people who are serving you your full attention."

I don't expect perfection from people and I've certainly been guilty of peeking at my phone while in a social setting before. I'm just requesting others to be considerate of how that distraction can be perceived by others.

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Helen said...

I don't think it's cranky to expect that someone you're conversing with actually be present in the conversation.

In a larger group setting, I don't think it's as big of a deal. Posting funny stuff that's going on happens all the time and when there are so many people around, the conversation doesn't rely on just one person.

But, yea, in a small setting, just put the phone down for a while. Check your email, texts, whatever when you excuse yourself to use the bathroom. Just don't keep going to the bathroom every 10 minutes!