smart phones

Most people I know have a smart phone now so it's time to establish some basic usage guidelines. When you're in a social situation, stopping what you're doing to text or check Facebook is just as disruptive as talking on the phone. Our manners haven't caught up with technology apparently. I'm always shocked when I'm out with friends at how much time they spend looking down at their phones instead of paying attention to the live people in front of them. When I get home and look at Facebook, entire conversations between the people I was just with have taken place online instead of just speaking.

I think it's selfish and inconsiderate.

If there is an important text or email, excuse yourself before you respond. Even if it's something quick, I feel I deserve an explanation for the interruption. "My mom had a question." "It was my sister." Something.

I'm curious to know how other people feel because it's obvious not everyone thinks it's rude to check Facebook every 10 minutes while out with friends. What is acceptable smart phone usage in a social setting?

This is important because I love technology. Clearly, I love Facebook. All I'm asking for is some balance.


Perla said...

I've been guilty of looking at my phone at a social setting but I really only check it if theres a lag in the conversation or awkward silence. If the outing is engaging enough, I really don't have a reason to look at my phone. Not to say that you are boring or anything! I do it so I'm not sitting there like a noob. Does that help? Basically its my social crutch.

Leighann said...

That makes sense and I don't think that annoys me because it's not interrupting anything. If I'm in an active conversation with someone or in the middle of a card game and it has to pause because someone is distracted by their phone, I will be annoyed.