The sun: it has risen

Today was a beautiful sunny day in the upper 60's. We took a walk around the farmers market and got some daffodils for the house. I felt compelled to instagram them which I think looks fairly ridiculous. I'm admittedly an instagram noob and still don't understand why it looks like a Polaroid that was left to bake in the sun. This is probably worse for hipsters than when they let the Android users in.

In other news, tonight I finally mastered a brown butter and sage sauce. I had been undercooking the butter for fear of burning it but tonight it was just right. It went on homemade (from the farmer's market) wild boar stuffed pasta with knot rolls from Tall Grass. The rolls came right out of the oven when we bought them. It was a pretty spectacular Easter dinner.

I hope everyone had a nice Easter!

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Helen said...

Yum! Instagram name? And it would be lovely if the weather was like that while we're there. Mostly, I just want the cooler temps, though, and if that means rain, so be it.