seven minutes of terror

NASA's Phoenix Lander touched down today in the northern polar region of Mars to search for frozen water. This is a big step in determining if life exists or ever existed on the red planet. The blog title refers to the time the space craft had to hit the brakes and make a smooth landing. Nerds everywhere are rejoicing because over half of similar missions have ended in failure. Check out more pics from the surface and the blog: here



-ac is fixed
-nate left for seattle =(
-it's raining for the first time in forevs
-we hired a wedding planner
-stella is on a rampage


it's gettin hot in hur

so come and fix my freakin ac god dammit.
I can live with the passive aggressive notes rolled up in my door knocker that don't pertain to me but it passed 100 degrees this weekend. We're sitting around with all the lights off which is inconvenient because it's night time. What. Ev.


I'm going to start up coffee again

...for this fabulous mug!
Your hot beverage turns the blue states red! Take that, agonizingly long democratic primaries! More pics here.