last post of 2009?

I feel compelled to summarize the year so here it goes:
- Rang in the new year in London on our honeymoon. Had a frost bite scare but my toes recovered!
- Took a quick trip to FL for a friend's wedding.
- Started a new job.
- Moved from basement apartment to our top floor apartment.
- Bought house and moved again a few months later.
- Went to Austin for Christmas, visiting Perla, and meeting our new niece.
- Celebrated 1 year anniversary yesterday!

Next year we're hoping for a slower pace so we have more time to spend on the things that got overlooked last year. One of our goals in buying a house was having enough land to grow a vegetable garden. Starting in Feb we can begin planting! I also want to make more time for reading, trying new recipes, and exercising. I had to cancel my elliptical because the ship date moved to when we were on vacation, so now I'll have to reorder it. I would like to say I have a plan for improvements to the house, but I feel like the house has a plan for itself. I'm sure as soon as one thing breaks, it will lead to other projects so I don't want to get my heart set on anything cosmetic just yet.
Happy New Years, everyone!


Texas Photos

Leighann posted all of these to her Facebook already, but I figured I’d post them here for anyone that isn’t on the Facebook wagon.


Salmon Bay Photos

I was walking around our neighborhood the other evening and came across this park on the edge of Salmon Bay. The Bay sits between Lake Union and Lake Washington on the East, and Elliot Bay (Puget Sound) on the West. The bodies of water are connected by the Ship Canal and the Ballard Locks. The park overlooks where the Bay reaches the Sound. The sun was setting behind the hill (Magnolia) and it was really pretty. I snapped these pictures with my cell phone, so they aren’t super detailed, but they stitched together nicely.

Photos are here


London Photosynth

My laptop died the other day, so I’ve been going through the long process of recovering some of my stuff off of it, mainly photos.  I came across a bunch of panoramic type photos that I took on our Honeymoon that I had sort of forgotten about.  I’ve always wanted to give Photosynth a try, but didn’t really have any good photos for it.  So, here’s one.  I’ll post more if they are any good.


left overs

Why do I hate leftovers so much? I was looking forward to them all day until it was time to heat them up, then I talked myself out of it. I turned to Nate and said " I wish we had more of the asparagus ravioli we ate last week." Then I opened the freezer and there it was. We can't figure out where it came from or remember buying another bag. I hope the freezer fairy brings me some Ben and Jerry's oatmeal cookie dough ice cream next...


a niece

Congrats to Doug and Helen on the birth of Ophelia on Monday. She's got a blog here. We can't wait to meet her.

In other news, we haven't posted in awhile but my parents were here for Thanksgiving which was really nice. It's tough living so far away from family and I'm glad they are able to visit regularly. We got up Christmas lights, which I keep forgetting to take a picture of. It's been below freezing for days. I don't linger outside of the house much.

Also, I ordered an elliptical machine. It's the only thing I ever use at the gym anyway so it makes more sense just to have one. Mine isn't as fancy as the gym one (which had a TV built in), but I'll never have to wait for someone to finish using it. Apparently it weighs 150lbs and we have to assemble it. I'm a little concerned about building it wrong and it falling apart during use.