When I was trying to search for the video of the Navy missile shooting down the satellite, Firefox provided these suggestions:
Are these supposed to represent the most common searches? Apparently our society has a fascination with child birth and crying.


Navy Shoots Down Satellite with Fairy Dust

EDIT: After further research, I've decided to post an additional video so you can compare the animations of different sources. Enjoy.

EDIT2: Now I have the actual video. See below.


Take Ben Stein's Advice on Money

I've been hearing complaints about our economy and the possibility of a recession.
"Health insurance is too expensive." (Wahhh, get rid of your cable or cell phone.)
"Social Security isn't going to be there for me!" (Wahh, go to the bank, open an ira, deposit even 2% of your paycheck. It will add up.)
I'm tired of middle-class whiners. Quit having kids you can't afford and living lifestyles you can't afford. Don't get a mortgage with the first 5 years as interest-only. You're not building equity! Why not rent for cheaper since you're throwing your money away anyway. Save up for those 5 years and maybe you'll have a down payment. The government isn't to blame for people's financial mistakes. And I shouldn't have to spend a dime of my tax money on someone else's irresponsibility.
ANYWAY, read Ben Stein's humorous investment advice which was the original point of this post.


Stop Complaining..

...and visit this website. Someone set up a message board for people to talk about the things that are going fine in their lives. It's not very pleasing on the eyes, but they just got up and running a few days ago so I'm sure improvements will be made. I'm about to make a post!


I hope you know the finnish word for "open"


Read about Finnish toilets that you can only open by SMS. Then read the hilarious comments that follow.