Fremont Solstice Parade

Yesterday we experienced our first Fremont Solstice. What can I even say about it? There were a bunch of naked hippies on bikes. We walked by hundreds of vendor tents- only the obese nudest tent was memorable. We bar hopped a little. Things started to make more sense after a couple drinks so I've arrange the photos in the order I wish they had happened.

At the street fair

The Taming of the Shrew performed in front of the famous bridge troll

Gasworks Park

A blur of naked bike riders

A few more

Today's plan is to drive back into the city to look at a few open houses. Then we'll try the world-famous Red Mill burgers! I've been hearing about this place for awhile and I'm excited to finally try one.


im still here

I've been neglecting the blog lately! Work is keeping me very busy. While it's fun being in the city everyday, the hour bus ride gets old. (Let's reopen the convention center express lane exit, ok?) I get home around 7, eat, get mad that nothing good is on tv, and go to bed by 10. I'd love to live about 30 mins closer, but at least it's narrowed down the areas we're looking for houses in.
Off to work!


why seattle real estate is absurd part 4

Yes, I know I skipped 3, but let's just count yesterday's post as 3. Anyway:
MLS#: 29078424
Possibly the worst listing photos ever.


Seattle Real Estate Update

WTF is this?
MLS#: 29078582
Who wants to live in a studio out in the suburbs for that price?