Due to the absurd popularity of the poll, Greenpeace is keeping the voting open until Dec 7. Don't let this victory get away, America/the two people who read my blog. To keep you inspired, here is the story of one motivated voter in AZ: here!


From the front page of reddit:

MSP 08

First of all, Greenpeace annoys the crap out of me. Their promise to "stop global climate change" seems a little ridiculous considering we aren't living on a static planet. If you mean "limit humanity's negative contribution to the environment" maybe more people would jump on board. ANYWAY. They are having a contest where people vote on the name of a whale. Digg and Reddit got wind of this and the results are amusing.





For Perla:

We were shocked that these even exist...


Our 1st Christmas Tree!

Six glorious feet of fake pine from Big Lots:
We had no ornaments, so we bought a few a Target. Here are some highlights:

Nate picked this birch snowman.

Don't trust evil nutcrackers, even if they are bearing gifts.


p.s. View the big tree picture full screen to see Nate's dino ornament.


Happy Thanksgiving!

My parents drove up for Thanksgiving here in Melbourne. The dinner was small but delicious, and we have enough leftovers to last us a week. I hope everyone else enjoyed their holiday and isn't crazy enough to go shopping tomorrow...


Fortune Cookie Says:

"A depression is when you loose yours."

Hmm... what does it mean?!


We're #3! woo

(Diagram: WMU)
Last night, it was brought to my attention that not everyone will understand the title of the blog. I decided to post up a picture to help. Then I realized I haven't yet seen a "modern" map of the solar system, complete with "planets" and "dwarf planets." I assume the quotes are some angry, old astronomer making a point about the tentativeness of planet classifications.
Anyway, despite being horribly out of scale, I hope this diagram is helpful!


I have a problem with mice.

This is the mouse I have and I love it. It has a charging station which saves me money. My hand fits nicely around it. The problem is I bought this thing my freshman year of college and it's dirty and losing accuracy.
So why aren't all wireless mice being made rechargeable? I can only find one Logitech model and it's $100. That's how much I paid for this mouse and it came with a wireless keyboard. I've even found some stores selling refurbished versions of my mouse. Can it really be that Logitech only made one model since 2003?
I want a nice mouse. Advise me. Quickly.


Elections 08 Quiz

USA Today published this quiz that tells you which candidate you are in agreement with. I got a guy I'd never even heard of which could explain why I'm so displeased with my choices for this next election. Here is the link if you want to try it:


A Cat with a Crown

My new phone has some basic photo editing features allowing me to create this:

I plan to modify all of my contact photos with clip art. That is all.


A New Phone

I bought a phone! Ok... Nate and I bought the same phone. (insert groan.) We got the Sony Ericsson s500i off of the tubes. The background changes with the season and time of day.
I don't think it likes being photographed. Most of the pictures come out a little blurry.
In the dark you can see the different lighting effects. The phone has 22 different lighting profiles.
The screen is bright and clear.
This picture of turbo-poof was taken with the camera on the phone. The quality is much nicer than on my old phone! I've been playing with it for a couple days now and the battery is still at 52%. Now to find a case for it...


A Banner Ad

While surfing in the tubes, I came across this wondrous banner ad. This may be the most ridiculous invention of all time. Does it have speed settings? If you choose "fast" what happens when you want to get out? I imagine you get thrown violently against the back of the pool. Fun times.