this is why i still digg

You've probably all heard about the boy who climbed over 2 fences to retrieve his lost hat only to be decapitated by a roller coaster. If you haven't, read here or at any other news site. Yes- this is tragic. Yes- I'm probably going to hell for this but... I couldn't stop laughing this morning when I read the Digg comments. Click on the detail for a larger image and try not to laugh.


custom receipt maker

I found this on Digg today and it's somewhat amusing. You can make your own receipt. I'm not sure what the purpose is but it kept me occupied for at least 2 minutes.
Try it if you want: www.customreceiptmaker.com


download day

Yesterday Firefox tried to set the world record for the most downloads of a software package in a single day with their release of Firefox 3. They had over 8 million downloads including Nate and me! If you weren't part if it, you probably aren't as nerdy as us and should stop reading this blog. All of us on the tubes will have to wait patiently while Guinness reviews the data.


seattle trip

I'm back from Seattle! We had lots of fun, including finding this passive aggressive note a short walk away from the market. I posted a ton of pictures on my Facebook. The temperature never got above the 60's and it barely rained. We ate twice at the crumpet shop and spent hours in the sci-fi museum. They had a whole case devoted to Dune. It was spectacular. Nate's apartment is nice and he has a scenic walk to work. I'm still exhausted and don't have a day off until next tues. Until then...


is it fixed now?

The AC.... broke again today. I hurried into the office before it closed and the poor maintenance guy had to work overtime because I refuse to be inconvenienced a third time in just a few weeks. It's too hot to not have AC and it doesn't just turn off when it breaks. It runs constantly so my power bill goes way up and I'm still hot. When I got home from dinner, my apartment was at 70 and now I'm freezing. Well played, maintenance man, well played.
In other news wtf is going on at babcock and palm bay? I tried to get home from dinner and got detoured of course with my gas light on. I finally got to the citgo on us1 and exclaimed "eww hugo chavez gas" and kept driving, not even thinking about how far the next one would be. SPOILER: I made it home.
that's all for now.