life in seattle

We're here!! The moving was really easy. People came and packed up all of our belongings and took them away while we sat there. The cars got shipped here and pet transporters flew our cats to meet us here. Right now we're in corporate housing in Redmond. It's a cheaply furnished 1/1 apartment with the most uncomfortable bed I've ever slept on. We have a place up in Bothell that is really nice, but there is no point moving in until our stuff gets here. I sorta feel like I'm on a boring vacation and staying at Travel Lodge right now. I'm really anxious to set up our new place and actually feel home.
Adjusting to life in a blue state is interesting. For example, using plastic bags has become socially unacceptable. Every store will ask you if you want a bag in a tone that suggests you really don't want one, and if you still want one they will give you a bag so small your items are bursting out of it. In January, Seattle is starting a 20 cent plastic bag fee! (If anyone knows where I can find offensive, reusable bags please pass on the link.)
Another adjustment has been living on a three dimensional surface. Our new place is at the top of a steep hill and I wasn't sure if my car could do it. Everywhere you turn there is a gorgeous view. Anyway.. I have stuff to do. I'm going to send an email out with our new address and if you don't get it, give me your email b/c I don't have it!


Helen said...

I'm so, so excited for you guys! I can't wait to see pics of the place, of Seattle, of everything!

I can send you some tacky burnt orange Longhorn reusable bags.

And you should embrace the greenness of Seattle. It rocks!

Perla said...

I found a few jems for you off etsy.

my fave is the last one.










Leighann said...

nate likes the dinosaur on a bike

Perla said...

I knew you guys would like the dinosaur one. You do have some obsession with dinos and whatnot.