We took the cats to the vet today and Stella has fleas. I should note that The Baby got fleas while at the pet hotel and they put treatment on her. She was not supposed to be able to bring fleas back with her but maybe we got them from just being at Pet Smart. The vet didn't find any live fleas on Stella, but she had tons of flea dung in her fur. Awesome! She's so dirty, the fleas don't even want to live on her! We have to wait until this weekend to bathe her because of the flea medicine.
In the mean time, we can ponder how gross our house must be. We have to buy sprays and plug ins to kill the fleas that are probably now living in our house. I have a couple of bites, so I know they are in the bed. Cleaning the sheets doesn't really help because they can just jump right back in. Fun!
Also, The Baby lost 2 lbs and Stella needs to lose weight. It's going to be tricky to have Stella on a diet when The Baby needs to be eating more. Stella is going to be pretty upset about losing the autofeeder.
In other news, Nate is playing a very violent xbox game. We hit up the Circuit City liquidation sale and got some good deals on games. I'm still loving my DS and I'm going to play some Big Brain Academy.

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Anonymous said...

what video game is nate playing? and when do we get to see some london & paris pictures?