deciphering the cats

I found this really interesting article today about the body language of cats. (here) There are some really good charts with what the different ear and tail positions mean. Most of Stella's usual body language is considered aggressive by this article (go figure). The section on eye contact really applies to The Baby.
In case you're bored, I supplied a few pictures to test your knowledge. It's nearly impossible to catch The Baby acting naturally on camera, so they are Stella pics. See if you can figure out what her body language is saying. I even supplied clues about what sections to look in. What fun!

1. Stella in the snow (tail, posture)
2. Stella with giant reflective pupils (eyes, ears)

3. Stella with airplane ears (ears, eyes)

4. Stella playing with a kitten (this one is a freebie)
If you get all of the answers right you won't win anything except a victory blog post. Good luck.

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