tired of being sick

The cold has gotten a bit worse. My voice is down to a pitiful whisper which means I can't work. I took Nyquil last night because that used to knock me out but I woke up at least 20 times during the night. Apparently the TemperPedic commercials are true, because my tossing and turning did not wake up Nate at all.
I was slightly amused at being so sick when health care reform was being passed. We're in the minority who actually likes their health insurance coverage so I'm not excited about our new tax liability. It will be really interesting to see what becomes of the states that are suing. I love watching checks and balances at work.
I had some really good conversations about the bill with coworkers and have concluded that both sides agree on about 75% of the issues. It is a shame that our lawmakers couldn't see past their party lines to craft a bill that encompassed those things that everyone agreed on. The only people who seem to be completely satisfied are the ones who will get a hand out from it. I feel like this doesn't do enough to fix the problems and is wasting money by throwing it at the symptoms. Kind of ironic, as I thought that was part of the problem with our health care philosophy to begin with.

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