recommended books

I had a late-night need for a new book yesterday so we drove to Fred Myers hoping to get lucky. If you don't have Fred Myers, it's somewhere in between a Super Walmart and a Super Target. They have a few aisles of books, so not a huge selection but I figured I could find something off the best seller's list at least. It was the strangest book section I've ever seen. The shelves were constructed with rows built in that would only fit the small size of paperback. Plenty of room for for your James Pattersons and Sue Graftons but completely ignoring books that were not made in that size! I made it to the very last aisle and was excited to find a "recommended books" section. Behold! Books of different sizes! The shelf was constructed without the dividers so any sized book fit. Conclusion: Fred Myers recommended book section consists of the books that will not fit on any of their standard shelves. Based on the content of the section, I hope for their sake my conclusion was correct.

I went home without a book.


Helen said...

I've been wanting to read some more funny travel books lately. Some funny favorites:

The Sex Lives of Cannibals
Round Ireland with a Fridge
UK on a G-String

Twitchhiker has a book out, too, but it isn't available here yet, I don't believe. Amazon doesn't have it yet, at least, although there are a couple used copies. I'm in that book. :)

Perla said...

Have you read the Hunger Games Trilogy? Its pretty awesome. Maggie and I both really liked it. http://tiny.cc/hb3go

If you want to just get the 1st book, I have last two in ebook version. I've been reading it on my iphone using the Stanza app.

Leighann said...

Hmm what is it about? I've been in the sci-fi mood lately. I just finished The Windup Girl.