civic duty fail

I accidentally missed jury duty yesterday. This was my first jury summons ever and I've known about it for 6 weeks. I'd notified my employer and put it on my calendar at work. Unfortunately, I had it on the calendar for today and it was yesterday.
I'm not sure how I went 6 weeks continuing to read the date wrong, but I did. Since they don't provide any phone number with a live person or even a voice mail, I just wrote them back with an explanation and the card to request to be rescheduled. The card says very specifically that intentionally not appearing can be a fine or jail time! I promise I'm not intentionally absentminded. ;)

In other news, today is my last day of being 25. We have reservations at The Golden Beetle tomorrow night and I'm very excited to try it.


you need a keurig

When I'm having trouble sleeping, I watch QVC because I find it soothing. I typically don't buy anything, but it makes good background noise. They finally sold me on this Keurig brewer and it's great!

You need one of these if:
- You brew a pot of coffee every morning but don't finish it
- You are too lazy to wait for a tea kettle to heat up to make tea

A cup of coffee or tea brews in under a minute and actually tastes really good. They come in portioned k-cups that you pop in the top of the machine. Because they are in their own containers, you don't have to clean the machine to brew a different drink.

The package from QVC came with 48 k-cups (mostly coffee) to start with and I stocked up on jumbo packs of my favorite teas from Amazon. It also came with a reusable k-cup to brew your own coffee which is much cheaper to do and creates a lot less waste. We're excited to brew some Dunks with it.

I'm really happy with it because I'm drinking a lot more tea and a lot less Diet Coke.


how to not fall asleep on the bus

Everyday is a struggle to not fall asleep on the bus. Risks include getting robbed, unwanted snuggles, and missing your stop. I've compiled several images that help ward off bus naps:

(The best part is around 3:00)

I've also
- been on a bus that side swiped the street car and kept going
- sat next to a man wielding a samurai sword
- stepped on a banana peel (the bus did not spin in circles like Mario Kart)
- witnessed numerous fights

Public transportation is certainly more entertaining than sitting by myself in my car everyday.


high school reunion

I got an invite to my 10 year high school reunion on Facebook. They are planning early because it won't be until 2013.
1. Do we really need reunions now that we have Facebook?
2. I don't recognize the vast majority of the names. (And all of the faces are pictures of babies.)
3. Isn't the purpose to compare lives and see how everyone turned out? If yes, see #1.

Wouldn't it be cheaper if we all agreed to make our profiles public for a day and read about each other? Or better yet, could we all be comfortable enough with ourselves that we don't need to confirm that the people we disliked got what was coming to them?