grilling season is here

The best time of the year has arrived: Grilling season!!

I got Nate a Weber charcoal grill for Christmas because that's what I think of when I think of summer grilling. The weather is finally starting to get a little warmer so we can BBQ on the weekends. Friday night we had some beer brats at another couple's house and Saturday we grilled burgers here. Nate even toasted the buns which was a nice touch.

The weather hasn't improved to the point that you want to eat your food outside but it's getting there. And when it does, we need to be ready with a patio set which we've yet to purchase. I always thought of it as "fake" furniture so I didn't expect it to cost as much as a regular dinette set. Clearly I was mistaken. I'll be keeping my eye on the circulars for a sale!


syttende mai

Swedish Pancake Drill Team

Kids on unicycles

On Tuesday we went to the annual Syttende Mai parade. Ballard has the largest Syttende Mai celebration outside of Norway. The weather was perfect, though the pictures came out a little dark because I was in the shade.


no more leaks!

After having our house leak in various places nonstop since November, we are finally free of leaks! The latest leak was in the shower. It's over the unfinished part of the basement so we just stuck a plastic bin under it and let it be. We were deciding whether or not to fix the leak or bite the bullet and redo the whole bathroom. After we checked the 20 qt bin and found it completely full of water, we decided to call the plumber and just do the leak. A $75 service fee + $125/hr later it turned out the shower head needed to be replaced. We are officially plumbing noobs.

In other news, Pandora keeps throwing Kings of Leon at me.. wearing me down. They're starting to grow on me...


most practical baseball souvenirs

This is a bit of a late post but a couple of weeks ago we went to two Mariner's games. The weather was terrible. They had to close the roof for one game. However, we got these awesome souvenirs- compost! Cedar Grove Compost was giving out free bags which were made partly of waste from Safeco Field. Compost isn't cheap so I made everyone grab some!
We forgot about it in the trunk until yesterday when I got in the car and gagged from the smell. Don't leave compost in your trunk.