stop unwanted phone books or as i call them "door stops"

We get tons of phone books. Who uses phone books anymore? I need one to keep as a door stop for when I want to open the windows on the porch and the rest just get trashed. City of Seattle has partnered with Catalog Choice to help us cut down on unwanted phone books and junk mail. It takes less than 5 minutes to do:

Catalog Choice

Some other cities appear to be participating. It's free and it reduces waste and hassle!


prosciutto and leek pizza

I've been blogging a lot about food lately! Today I made this tasty pizza. It has a whole wheat crust and the only toppings are mozzarella, prosciutto, leeks, and parmesan. I was unsure about pizza without sauce but it didn't need it. I love the mild onion flavor of leeks. Just make sure after you slice them you wash them really well. Leeks get tons of dirt stuck between their layers.

Today we hit Seafood Fest in downtown Ballard and it was great. Tons of vendors were set up in addition to the regular Sunday farmer's market. In addition to all of the mobile food vendors, the regular restaurants added seafood items to their menus. The most intriguing was a seafood cupcake at the vegan bakery. I'm not really sure how that was supposed to work. The live entertainment was decent and the weather couldn't have been better. It's finally feeling like summer in Seattle.

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