Happy New Year

So my last post came a couple hours before Nate proposed and since then I've been to preoccupied to post! We spent Christmas and New Years at home by ourselves, which was really nice and stress-free. Spending Christmas alone won't necessarily be the tradition, but it was nice for our first holidays living together. Now that the season is over I can come back to posting regularly. (In the meantime read The Recycle Bin.) Also, tonight I'm going to start up one of those wedding websites. I'm not sure if they are for public viewing or if you need to log in to view it, but I'll let you know. Most people will be traveling to the wedding so there aren't going to be all of the parties/ showers that people typically have. This way people can still know what's going on if/when it's convenient for them.

BTW... WTF Iran?
"You will explode in two minutes."
"You will explode in two minutes??" I love that the kid was way surprised by this response to his request. He should have responded with "You will explode *reach for button* now." This is why I'm not in charge of a boat in a volatile area.

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