I'm a pretty pony

So many years ago, before Nate and I even began dating, we went on an exciting expedition to Target. One we will never forget. On the toy aisle was a horse on a stick... and it played this song. We still sing the song frequently. This is a smaller version of the horse. If you google "im a pretty pony" (trust me lol) there is a you tube video of some baby on a giant version. I thought it was creepy to post a video of someone's kid but check it out if you want to hear the lyrics more clearly.


Helen said...

Wyatt has this pony! We just saw it in MD. I believe his parents refer to it as the gay pony. There's a picture of him on the pony on the blog.

Perla said...

dude, we had those at home depot for sale around xmas. they are pretty creepy.