Time Machine

For my birthday, Nate got me a cute pink external hard drive so I can play with Time Machine. The picture is from the Apple website since I couldn't take a screen shot in it for some reason. Anyway, set up was very easy. When I plugged in the drive for the first time, Time Machine opened with a giant on-off switch. When you click "on" it automatically does its first backup (which took all night for me.) I have it set to do hourly backups, which never noticeably slow the computer.
Navigating within Time Machine is really nice. Imagine cover flow... in space. By default, it opens my desktop folder in finder. As you browse today's computer, the images of your previous days follow along, so you can always see the same folder on all of them. You use the arrows to go forward and backwards in time, and a giant restore button to (you guessed it) restore the version you need.
All in all, I'm pretty pleased with this program and pretty impressed with Apple for making backing up your files actually fun. I just looked at my trash can, and it had over 2,000 items in it. I guess I can empty it now...

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