Visitor's Map- UPDATE

The map appears to be working better now and actually keeping a history of the visitors. Don't worry- I can't see any personal information about you when you visit. I just see vaguely where you're located. I say vaguely because for us it shows Bright House's hub in Kissimmee which is about an hour away.
In unrelated news, I added a link to our wedding website since apparently the address is FAR too difficult to remember.


Anonymous said...

have you found more time in the day than the 24 hours the rest of us have? b/c your blog & wedding website are really coming together.

that was a compliment, though backhanded, as is the nove's way.

Leighann said...

i go through super productive spurts randomly.. for example when i was updating the websites, i was also talking to my mom on the phone and cooking dinner. today i'm going to balance it by being lazy