the suckiest suck that ever did suck

Ok so we are in bed last night about to fall asleep and we hear a bit of noise. I guess it must not have sounded like the normal noises that cats make because we both were very nervous and nate went out to check it out. Not finding anything, we concluded it must have been the cats. Then a few minutes later, someone runs past our window into the woods. So we sit there and try to figure out a reasonable explanation. Then there is a barking dog, talking outside, and flashlights in our window. Crappy.
So we get out of bed and put on shoes and jackets and go see the cop and neighbors outside. It turns out the guy was at the neighbors window (there are only 2 of us on the bottom floor) and they didn't know if he was trying to break in or just look in the windows. But they said it was the 3rd time it had happened since they moved in. We told them where the guy ran but the cop had another call to go to and wasn't interested in going into the woods to find the guy.
I have several problems with this:
1. WTF is down the little trail the goes into the woods? We never heard a car pull up or leave so if he came on foot where did he come from and what is in the woods?
2. Why didn't he take anything? We have stuff on the porch that he could have took if he wanted to. They have stuff on their porch. We are actually closer to the woods than our neighbor so why did he walk past ours and pick theirs?
3. What would someone take on foot anyway? And if he wanted to do something besides stealing, why would he run away at the discovery of people?
4. Why don't we have enough police to send someone in the woods to make sure there isn't some homeless camp or something?

Anyway. We didn't sleep much.

So today I went to the bridal seamstress to have her look at my bridesmaid dress for amanda's wedding and my own wedding dress. Why is it so expensive? How much is it supposed to cost to have a bridesmaid dress altered. And she scolded me for not having shoes yet. I went to go buy shoes afterwards but then realized I had a dilema. Last weekend, my driver's window stopped working. I can push it up and it mostly stays a crack down. I got to the mall and realized my wedding dress was in the car and anyone could easily push the window down and take it.
I decided to drive home and after lunch try again. I was craving mcdonalds and saw a sign for one at a confusing exit that split into 3 exits. I couldn't find the mcdonalds and tried to get back on the highway but the onramps were all hov only. So I got lost in a residential neighborhood and eventually found a mcdonalds. Without thinking I pushed the button to roll down my window and it went down! I got excited because I thought it was fixed. WRONG. It was not fixed and since it went ALL THE WAY DOWN I couldn't pull on it to put it back up. So I had to drive the rest of the way home with a lovely 40 degree breeze.
Anyway I know that was long and whiney but I didn't sleep much and I'm cranky. The end.

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Helen said...


Sounds like you need an industrial sized, blinding motion sensor light on your condo.

Alterations suck. That's all there is to it. I've tried to fight the system, but safety pins aren't attractive on the bottom of a dress if the dress isn't the same shade of silver.

Good luck!