What circumstances are required to declare a state of emergency?
-We've been unable to leave our parking lot for 6 days and we aren't alone. Most residential roads have not been plowed.
-The airport is closed and has been for days. Even if they can keep the runways plowed, they are out of deicer with no mention of any on the way.
-Amtrak and Greyhound aren't operating.
-Over half of the metro lines aren't running. The servers are down most of the time on the website making it difficult to figure out which lines are running. (FYI, ours aren't.)
-Gas stations are out of fuel because the trucks can't get in.
-Trash hasn't been picked up in a week.
-UPSP, FedEx, and UPS aren't delivering
-Emergency vehicles can't access most residential areas.
-There have been hundreds of car accidents related to the snow and ice.
-Roofs are collapsing due to the snow.

I kid you not, the news reported the plan is to "wait for it to melt." If you are curious, take a peak at the Seattle weather forecast to see if it looks like that's going to happen soon.
So again I ask, what circumstances are required to declare a state of emergency and get some aid? Is there a certain threshold of property damage or lives lost?

Also, the baby has been biting her fur off and we'd love to take her to the vet but we can't. Every time the news anchors make some cutesy comment about how funny it is to have all this snow I want to punch them.

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Anonymous said...

I've yet to hear from the Governor, have you?

And this little quote from the Seattle Mayor: "This isn't New York. We generally have mild winters. It doesn't make sense to invest in infrastructure and equipment we rarely need."

it just makes me sick.