What the pho!

We are still snowed in! Basically, it snowed about 4 inches and the city is just completely chaotic. They don't have the resources to make the roads passable, so most residential streets (many of which are on hills) are dangerous sheets of ice right now. The pictures above are from a bus accident today on Capitol Hill. They were carrying 80 kids. (Story here)
Yesterday we tried our best to shovel a path up our hill to get out, but because our apt complex was unwilling to add any salt or sand it's since frozen over. Nate hiked 5 miles in 20 degree weather today to get us groceries and cat food. Don't mock those "when I was your age" stories! He walked uphill in the snow both ways!
While he was gone, I finally was able to get onto the metro website, since the servers have been on and off with the increased usage this week. I found a bus route to get us to the dress shop where my wedding dress is, since I won't be able to drive there before the wedding. It was a 4 hour adventure, but we have the dress! The bus system is great and I'm glad we tried it. We couldn't believe how many stops there were this north of the city.
The weather does not look promising for the next week, and we're coming up with alternative ways to get to the airport. I'm not sure how long the apt complex plans to leave us stranded down here, but they claim to have done everything they can. The city expects widespread power outages this weekend, so Nate bought a bunch of energy bars while at the store. We are hoping for the best and trying to make the best of the situation. I can't wait to be in NC!

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Anonymous said...

I guess "do everything they can" means throw a couple of cupfulls of salt on a pile of snow and explain "why isn't it melting!?!?!"

it's not rocket science people!