Happy early birthday to me

April 6th at the Showbox- Lily Allen! I had to click about a hundred times at 10am when the tickets went on sale. Then it informed me I needed a promo code for the presale but thanks to the Live Journal emo kids, it was easy to find. I successful got the capcha on the first try, but with only 2.5 mins remaining realized I already had an account that I didn't know the password to. A couple of tries using some common passwords got me in, but then I had to change out all of my old credit card and billing information. There was a typo in my zip code at the one minute mark that almost ruined the whole thing. I didn't even read over all of the shipping options- I just picked the free one. I also didn't have time to contemplate the extra $23.50 of fees included with $50 worth of tickets. WHY IS IT TIMED?! It was so stressful! I am a fast reader and typer and it takes me almost the full 5 minutes. Would the Ticketmaster universe be thrown into chaos if they had a 10 minute limit instead of 5?
Thank you Nate for tolerating my love of British pop and sorry to my newish keyboard for the rough treatment you endured this morning.

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Helen said...

As I twitted, you also should get to see Natalie Portman's Shaved Head which is an awesome band. I love them! I wish I could go see them, but when they're here it's for SXSW and I haven't the patience to fight the crowds downtown. Nor do I have the time.

Have fun!