wedding pictures are coming!

Yesterday the photographer posted the online gallery with all the wedding pictures. They look really nice and it was fun seeing all of the stuff you miss being behind the scenes.
They also reminded me of the things that annoyed me, like not getting the ceremony music I wanted. Everyone looks depressed coming down the aisle, so there aren't any pictures worth printing from that part. Also, even the photographer's retouching couldn't make the bouquet look alive in the closeup. We're getting a partial refund from the florist in case anyone is curious. On the flip side, there are a lot of pictures of people having fun that we didn't get to see!
Anyway, you can go to the online gallery now to see all of the photos.
1. Go to http://www.poeticrealityproductions.com/
2. Click on "order prints"
3. Select our wedding from the drop down menu
4. The password is "Wedding" (case sensitive) and the email is your own email

You can order prints from them or, since we own the rights, you can get them printed anywhere. I don't know why theirs are so expensive- maybe the paper is nicer or something. Let me know if you want a copy of the whole CD, or if there are just a couple you want I can email them to you. She caught some really nice guest pictures!

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Helen said...

The photos turned out really well. I've already looked at them twice this morning and almost made myself late for work!