baseball and pigs on wheels

Last night I went to my first Mariner's game! Safeco Field is conveniently located just a few blocks from work so Nate bussed in to meet me and some friends and walk over.
Deciding on what baseball food to eat for dinner was challenging. Besides all of the classics, Safeco has a lot of good local restaurants like Garlic Jims and Ivars. Not only that, but the road you have to walk up to reach the stadium is lined with vendors in tents selling food that can be brought into the game.
This brings me to the highlight of the night: MAXIMUS MINIMUS! This pig had been eluding us for many weeks now and then.. there it was parked right outside of the stadium. The wonderful tangy aroma of BBQ sauce could not be denied. We got the maximus pork sandwich and omg yes it was most excellent. Pig, if you can hear me can you please come park in pioneer square for lunch and stop feeding the tourists on 2nd and pike??


brother noves said...

sounds like it was a blast. who's that chubby dude with you?

Helen said...

Garlic Jims? I'll just tell you now, that's the only place Doug will want to eat when we finally make it up there.

That pig is awesome!