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Needless to say, I've been a little distracted lately. The job has been keeping me busy and feeling pretty drained during the week. My coworkers love potlucks which is a practice I have trouble understanding. We sit at desks all day so forcing junk food on one another doesn't seem like the best idea. Also, I've noticed a disturbing number of women not washing their hands in the bathroom. That doesn't make me want to dig into the bag of chips after them.
In other news, we've started up the house hunt again. Apparently we want the same thing everyone else wants because anything we like has multiple offers on it. Some are sold before we have a chance to look at them. Others have been bought in cash which we can't compete with. It feels ridiculous to be considering offering over asking price on a home considering the market conditions. It also pains me to think we could have waterfront property back in Melbourne for less money than we're considering spending on a tiny cottage in need of updating. I'm trying my best to enjoy the process however long it may take.

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Helen said...

House hunting is a frustrating process. It's fun to go through people's houses, though, I imagine. :) I love spying on people.