neighborhood gossip on the internet

It's an excellent concept. We've been following the My Ballard blog since we moved in and we're loving it. There isn't a local paper just for Ballard and not much media attention is given to it, so it's great to know what's going on around us. For example, tonight we heard a really low flying plane that gave us a scare. I spent years living within a mile of airports and had never heard anything like it before. Within minutes the forums were alive with activity of other people hearing the same thing. Without the blog we would have just shrugged it off. Same with when we saw all of the emergency vehicles in front of Matador. The blog was the first to report the stabbing and I'm not sure if the newspaper ever ran a story on it. Thanks to the internet we don't have to go out into the 40 degree rain to talk to our neighbors to stay up to date on the neighborhood news. =)
In other news, we're making progress on the house. We've painted the entry and the living/dining room. Did I mention we're horrible painters. Not good at staying in the lines... Anyway, we have a contractor coming tomorrow to see how much it will cost to get some trim work done and the wood floors refinished. We're not handy people.


Helen said...

Painting the middle of the wall is easy. :) In every room we've painted, there are bits of color on the ceiling now. It'd be nice to touch them up, but really, who wants to paint the ceiling?!

Can't wait to see the colors!

Leighann said...

Yeah when we got paint on the baseboards we decided it was ok because we're replacing them anyway. Then we got it all over the wood floors so we decided we might was well refinish them now lol.