We painted all of the trim in the living/dining room white yesterday and it made such a huge difference. The whole room is brighter without the weird 70's wood trip. We still need to replace the light fixture, which I hope to get some help with when my parents visit. =)
The new couch arrived! My parents got it for us as a housewarming/Christmas gift and we absolutely love it. I suppose I could have straightened up the pillows before taking the picture. The Ikea coffee table looks really sad in comparison to everything else, but we have a lot of other projects that need to be done before we buy any furniture.
This was my project in my office. I had this swatch of blue on the wall for at about 3 months before finally getting around to painting it. I haven't figured out how to deal with the futon yet. I suppose I'll need to find a slip cover for it that matches. Then, I plan to put up this really girly white chandelier I saw at home depot.

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