sick of being sick

Being sick was not what I had in mind for the in-laws' visit this week. All four of us ended up sick with a nasty flu of some sorts. Each of us took it a little differently, but all 4 of us were miserable at some point. Mine started Thursday at work when I started to feel a little nauseous. I was really nervous about taking the bus home because I get motion sickness. Apparently somewhere around Belltown I tried to get off the bus and blacked out. The driver and someone else got me off of the bus and made sure Nate was coming to get me before leaving me. Not long after getting home, both of us were throwing up more than we've ever thrown up in our lives. Very fun times.
Yesterday Nate, Jane, and I were feeling up for the Tulip Festival so we drove up to Mt. Vernon. It's not a lot of walking around and we wanted to salvage a little of their vacation. The tulips were amazing and it was definitely worth the drive. I ordered 50 bulbs for the fall when it's time to plant! There are a lot of pictures up on my Facebook and I'm sure Nate will be posting a shared album soon.
As pitiful as it sounds, the tulips wore me out and I'm exhausted today. I'm also just tired of being sick. I've never had to take so many sick days before because usually when I'm sick it's something I can work through. I also just feel really bad that Doug and Jane came all this way to spend most of the time sick. Hopefully they can come back soon!

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