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Whoops, haven't written in awhile. We've been pretty busy lately. It's the last day of a 4 day weekend so I actually found some time to sit and write.
Our first major home project was completed a couple of weeks ago. We've done a complete rewire of the electrical and added in some recessed lighting in the living room and finished basement room. Each room has about 3 outlets now instead of 1 which makes life much easier. We also put an outlet outside for Christmas lights. It feels good to tackle a large project and improve the house.
I've been trying to go on more hikes lately. A few months ago a walked a half-marathon with some friends which I enjoyed but I get bored of walking around neighborhoods. Luckily, there are tons of places to hike within a hour of here with lots of waterfalls and views to explore. We finally bought ourselves some decent athletic shoes which has made a huge difference.
Yesterday, we tried to continue our 4th of July tradition by spending the day at Gasworks and then watching the fireworks. They did not have a corporate sponsor for the $500k show this year and had announced it was canceled. In 24hrs, businesses and individuals of Seattle rallied and raised the funds to keep the show going. The weather was not as cooperative. By 4pm it was pouring and we lasted about 20 mins before we joined the mass of people leaving. It continued raining until about 15 mins before the show started so we ended up just watching it on TV. We were both really bummed out about missing it.
Note to those filming fireworks: Keep the camera in one place. No one cares about your artistic interpretation of fireworks.

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