Teddy Bear Toss 07

While in Fort Myers this weekend, we attended the Everblades teddy bear toss. When the Blades score their first goal, you throw your teddy bear onto the ice. This is not your average, lame toss. The people bring bears by the bag. If you are ever in Ft. Myers in Dec, you need to check this out.
About 10 seconds after the goal

Players and kids tried to clear the center of the ice while Swampee stood around being a tool.

Four giant pick up trucks couldn't hold all of the bears so they had to roll out bins and bags to haul them off.

One careless truck driver ran over several animals, popping the head off of one as the crowd gasped. I can't make this stuff up. It took about 30 minutes to clear all of the bears and resume play.

EDIT: The bears are donated to hospitals and charities. And they aren't all bears. I threw a beanie scare crow. We're not crazy.


Perla said...

As long as I lived in that town, I still never saw a hockey game. Oh well. :)

Helen said...

What do they do with the bears? And what exactly do they do with the decapitated bears?

Leighann said...

see edit