why seattle real estate is absurd

Nate and I have had some frustrations with trying to find a house in Seattle. I would like to provide the following examples to demonstrate why:

MLS#: 29050711
A look at the google map satellite shows that this is someone's garage or shed that's been converted into a house. One-of-a-kind indeed!

MLS#: 29047766
Or is it?! This "charming bungalow" is also a garage. Bed must be entered through the bottom right corner. Excellent.

MLS#: 29048902
This is by far my favorite piece of crap of all time. If you map it, you'll see it's not in the city like the other 2. Also, King County records lists the square footage at 680, making this a whopping $551/sq ft in a $250/sq ft neighborhood. Throw in the $190/month HOA dues and you have yourself a winner!


Helen said...

They're like little toy houses. I like that the second one doesn't even have a full bath.

That third one, your least favorite, is really just adorable, though. It would be much better with another couple bedrooms, but I was surprised at how open the inside is since it's so small.

Leighann said...

Just for comparison:

This is a condo in Pioneer Square which is one of the oldest and most desirable areas to live here.

Perla said...

I have to agree with Helen, they would make a nice place to rent by yourself but i don't think I would ever consider buying it.

What is .75 of a bathroom? Does that mean it only has a toliet and shower but no sink to wash your hands in? Or Does it refer that it has no bathtub and thats why its only .25 more than .5 bath?

I think the third house is all fluff with fancy appliances and pretty furniture but 375k for 1bd,1ba is ridic.

Anonymous said...

ooh more fun.

this is a garage.

they tried to sell it for $600,000 in january.

Helen said...

Nate, I like that they're planning to convert that garage to a 2 bedroom house. Are they going to build up? Convert the kitchen?