go meat!

I'm still bothered by what happened at the deli yesterday. You tell the deli person the amount of meat or cheese you want and they put it on the scale in front of you. It's almost always more than what you ask for, so you pay more and end up throwing some away. I don't think that's fair so when they ask you "is that too much?" I will say yes. Apparently they don't like this. Once the meat has been sliced, it can't be sold again and they have to throw it away. The girl looked at me like I was being ridiculous.
Why should it be my problem that she can't estimate the weight of meat and cheese? Isn't that one of the most important aspects of her job? If I'm working in a bank and a customer wants to withdrawal $400 and I give them $415 they would think I'm crazy. I have a one-slice overweight limit. If I paid the extra $2 for that extra meat and cheese each week that I wasn't going to eat anyway, I'd be wasting over $100/year. Think about that next time they ask you "is this too much"!

EDIT: I want to note that I do not ask for strange amounts. I ask for 1/4, 1/2, or 1 lbs. It's not like I ask for 3/17 lbs of meat though that might be fun to try sometime.

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Helen said...

I'm okay with them going over because it gets eaten in our house, but I hate it when they don't listen to what I say and I get a pound of cheese instead of 1/2 a pound. That's annoying.