As most know, it pains me to hear the word "literally" misused. I'm still mad at CNN for saying senators were literally throwing our money around... and that was over a year ago. The statement is absurd! Anyway, some person has devoted a blog to the topic:
I don't find myself literally LOLing like with the quotation mark abuse blog, but maybe it's because this is a far more serious grammatical issue.
Another winner I found today was a blog where people post humorous passive-aggressive letters. http://www.passiveaggressivenotes.com/
Exhibit A:
I haven't decided which is my favorite part. I want to say it's the period at the end of the salutation but I also really like how the writer says "vending machine person." It says "even though you are here at least once a week, I haven't taken the time to determine your gender." Or worse, it says "I have taken the time to attempt to determine your gender, but have been unsuccessful." Any thoughts?


Anonymous said...

i also get irked when people start questions with the negative non contracted verb. does not it bother you too? is not that annoying?

Perla said...

I'm excited that you have taken the time to find all these amusing websites for me to browse while I'm bored at work. :) I especially enjoyed the "blog" of "unnessary" quotation marks. :)