Truthiness 08

This past week Stephen Colbert's "1 million strong for Stephen T Colbert" broke the million mark while Obama's group remains stagnant around 400k. (At the time of this post Colbert's at 1,136,160 members.) What started as a joke has actually got the political world talking. This morning while watching Meet The Press (with Tim "I was still using a dry-erase board in 2000" Russert) they put up a graphic with the latest democratic poll numbers. Shock! As of 10-21-07 Colbert had 2.3% of the vote! That's ahead even of Kucinich! Apparently we don't want our president carrying a pocket constitutional. ANYWAY. I haven't been able to find the actual graphic but here is a story in the Washington Post that cites the same poll:
Considering the rapid growth in popularity on Facebook, it's conceivable that this poll number will grow. The nation is counting on you, South Carolina!

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Perla said...

It would be amusing to see how far Colbert could get but I highly doubt it that he would affect the major front runners. Who knows!?