Wanted: Nokia 7373

Who needs an iPhone? I want a pretty phone that I can dial while driving. This is the only swivel phone of Nokia's L'Amour collection and now that it's a year old the price has dropped significantly. Come on- it has leather on the back. It also has a 2 megapixel camera and plays mp3s and FM radio.
My only hesitation is that it's not available in any brick and mortar stores. I'll have to order it from one of the sketchy online stores as an unlocked phone. If anyone has used any of those stores and can recommend one please let me know! (I've been cheated by every seller I've used on ebay so that is absolutely not an option for me. )


Anonymous said...

i bought an unlocked slvr. actually, i used ebay too. making calls and everything worked fine, but getting the internet and pic msging set up took time. however, i know ow to do that now.

Goodfella_Luigi said...

Wow..how much phones have changed in just 4 years. All things set aside, you were still a dork for wanting this phone..and possibly having this phone. haha