WTF, Subway?

Today I went to enjoy my usual sub when I was shocked with a new policy. Now you must choose between lettuce and spinach- you can't have both!! ORLY?? (insert owl here) I always get spinach and lettuce. The only time I didn't was during the spinach/e-coli fiasco. And even then they gave me my sub for free because I always eat there and made a sad face. I like my sub bursting with crunchy green goodness.
This is a message to you, Subway located at Hibiscus and Babcock:
From this day forward, each time you deny me my 10 shreds of lettuce I will ask for every other vegetable I don't like on my sub but demand that it's placed on the side. Then I will take those veggies and throw them away in a festive manner. The cost of this battle is high, Subway. You will lose!!


Helen said...

I love that you're back and blogging with a vengeance.

Perla said...

haha! fight the man!