Please welcome my new digg button

So after hours of fighting, I've finally given in and let the digg button reside in the page elements. My goal was to put it in the template of the page so that each post gets it's own but I can't find the code where the tutorials tell you to inject the button. To use this button you have to click on an individual post so that the post's unique url is sent to digg. It seems like a flawed idea but I haven't been able to improve it yet. Another option seems to be adding code to each individual post, submitting it to digg, then editing the post so that the digg button points to the story I just submitted to digg. That seems like a lot of work for stories that will only get 2 diggs.
I see people only blogger who have successfully added the digg counter to their page so I'm frustrated that I can't do it.  If anyone has been successful with my template, or even another blogger stock template, please help me!

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